That’s why!

There are many reasons to choose an animation. Think of highlighting a complicated process or promoting your unique service or product. It’s even possible to promote an awesome, bearded, flying self refilling, magic coffee mug! How?


Complex matter, dry matter or complicated processes, how do you explain it in an understandable way? With an animation, you are able to focus on the core of your story. Moving images allow you to review many aspects of your message in an easily accessible way within no-time.

Increase conversion

Animations are very suitable to boost the sales of your product or service. Did you know that conversion increases by 20%* when your website has a great animation? And did you know that 64%** of your customers consider buying a product if they have seen a relevant video? Obvious reasons! A good video inspires confidence and encourages your target group to act.

* Onderzoek Unbounce

** Onderzoek ComScore

Brand awareness and recognition

An animation not only helps to increase conversion, but is also an ideal tool to strengthen your brand. You can easily add an extra layer to your branding. And the possibilities are endless. From animating bumpers or logos to a complete brand guide.


Moving images quickly appeal to the imagination. It is therefore no secret that animations are very effective as entertainment for your target group. So let your creativity run free and offer your target group a beautifully animated form of entertainment.

Curious to find out how your animation is made? Check it out!