An animation process starts with an introduction. This gives you the opportunity to decide what you want to communicate in your animation and gives me the opportunity to ask all the important questions in detail.

  1. Who is your target group?
  2. What is your message?
  3. Where do you want to use the animation?
  4. When will the animation be viewed?
  5. Why do you want to communicate?
  6. How are you going to spread the animation?

I will take you through the entire animation process. That way you know what to expect and by avoiding surprises when we get started!


Research and Quotation

With your input I start my research. I look at your value proposition, the customer profile, possible competition, the target group and of course the objective. With this information I have a clear idea for who and why we are creating this animation.

With my expertise I advise you on the choices that will be reviewed: tone of voice, length, voice-over, audio, 2D or 3D or maybe both? Once we’ve got this clear, you’ll receive a custom quote and we can start building the animation that seamlessly fits your message.


Concept and Graphic design

At DION LUIJTEN ‘concept first’ is central to the animation process. This concept of your animation is the basis for the end result. During the creation of your animation, every decision is tested against the original concept. This way I guarantee an animation that is consistent and clear.




It’s time for a good script! Just like the animation, the script will be clear, short and powerful. However, there is room for variation because luckily no animation is alike. It is important that the script fits the purpose of your animation.

The way I work is like a ping-pong contest: the first draft with the most important input comes from you. Then I start working on a version that fits the animation. Then again, the script is sent to you for a check until we have the optimal version for each scene: a script for an original story.



Great, the script is ready! On to the next step in the animation process: the storyboard. A suited image, scene by scene to create a strong visual story.

The complete storyboard comes your way for a first round of feedback. As soon as you’re satisfied we’ll move on to the next step in the process.



Time for magic! The time has come to bring the research, the concept, the script, the graphic design and the storyboard to life: the animation is made! Images start to move, audio connects to what your eyes register and your message is really being told.

When the last movement in the animation is created, it’s time for the second round of feedback. Your turn to let me know what you think of the complete animation!



My work doesn’t stop at the end of the animation. As an extra service, I provide you with advice on how best to use the animation. Just like you, I want the animation to achieve its goals.

After my advice it’s time to introduce the animation to the world and you can sit back and see how your message is shared with your target group in a creative and appealing way. Job done!

Curious about what an end product might look like? Check my projects!