The Future Is Green

The Avocado Show

In collaboration with Nozem Films, DION LUIJTEN has accepted an assignment for The Avocado Show, a company dedicated to the well-being of the world. The animation of DION LUIJTEN is aimed at the target group of The Avocado Show.

The aim of the animation is to answer frequently asked questions. The Avocado Show regularly receives questions about water consumption, Mexican avocados, cartels, sustainability and local communities. Because not all subjects could be visualized in a documentary by Nozem Films, DION LUIJTEN offered a solution for this project. With the help of fresh and clear animations, difficult subjects are now easily explained to a broad target group.

Take a look at the compilation of all the motion graphic parts.

Production Nozem Films
Camera and edit Nozem Films
Graphic design DION LUIJTEN