Pre-wetting casing soil for mushrooms

Kekilla BVB Substrates

A project for Kekkilä BVB, a major player in the international growth market. DION LUIJTEN has developed an animation to explain how the target group needs to use the BVB Substrates casing soil in the right way to grow mushrooms optimally.

Farmers are better informed about the application of the casing soil through this animation. In this way they get a higher yield from cultivating mushrooms. The task of DION LUIJTEN is not only to deliver an informative product, but also an animation that is fully in line with the rebranding phase Kekillä was in at that time. The animation by DION LUIJTEN turned out to be a good basis for a new online channel with explanatory animations.


Script DION LUIJTEN and Kekillä BVB
Graphic design DION LUIJTEN