It’s me

DION LUIJTEN is a creative animation agency in Amsterdam. Owner Dion Luijten has been active as a Motion Graphic Designer for over five years and creates contemporary and effective animations to make complex subjects understandable.

“Drawing and being creative has always been an outlet for me. It completely calms me down. I grew up with a painting mother and a father who worked in a print shop. So pencil and paper were always within reach and I used them on a daily basis”.

The choice to create animations stems from one’s own experience in understanding long texts and difficult subjects.

“From the past, I’ve always had a hard time absorbing pieces of text. But as soon as visual information with practical examples was added, I was the smartest kid in class… so to speak! So it’s no coincidence that through the Communication & Multimedia Design course, my interest in creating visual content to help people understand things better has arisen! I like to reflect this in my cases”.

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